FusionDebug – Professional Debugger for ColdFusion

FusionDebug will lower your total development costs, improve CFML code quality and allow developers to focus on making great software.




Some of Our Fusion Customers

Some of our customers

FusionReactor APM

FusionReactor is the only APM (Application Performance Monitor) that includes high-level instrumentation combined with low-level profiling and debugging and can be used right across the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). FusionReactor gives developers and DevOps the level of depth and insight to instantly identify Java application issues.
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Production Debugger Overview

FusionReactor’s debugger contains a fully featured, low overhead, ‘IDE’ Style debugging browser console as well as the ability to capture stack trace and variable context state at any point where you may set a breakpoint in your code. No need to write variables out to logs – just run FusionReactor and set a breakpoint and receive an email with all the information you need. Easily perform remote Java debugging for any JVM or Docker container.

Java IDE Debugger

All built into FusionReactor! The Java Debugger gives you all the control you need to simply and securely interact with your production environment as issues unfold. The insight it provides will revolutionize how you identify problems. Unlike a typical debugger, you can set up conditional breakpoints and be alerted by email when they fire. The email will contain a link to the debug session, as well as stack trace and variable details at the instant the breakpoint fired. It has NEVER been easier and faster to get to the root of issues.

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