Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

What is FusionDebug?

FusionDebug integrates with the Eclipse IDE and can be used with its text editor, CFEclipse, or any other CFML editor plug-in registered within Eclipse. It enables developers to control the execution of their programs by setting breakpoints, stepping through tags in either templates or CFC’s, examining the contents of variables and setting up expression watchers, and much, much more. FusionDebug also provides different levels of debugging information so that advanced ColdFusion developers can get a low-level view of what’s happening within their programs.

How can I evaluate FusionDebug?

We offer a 20 day free trial of FusionDebug. After 20 days, the Trial Edition simply disables itself, without the need to uninstall it. Evaluators can turn the Trial Edition into a full version by entering a valid license key. You will then have 20 days to activate your key.

What are the major features of FusionDebug?

For a list of features in FusionDebug, please see the Feature Tour.

Which versions of Eclipse are supported?

FusionDebug currently supports Eclipse versions 3.1 to 4.5

Which versions of ColdFusion are supported?

FusionDebug currently supports Adobe ColdFusion 6.1, 7, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 2016.

How should I install FusionDebug?

For full installation instructions please see the FusionDebug Installation Guide.

How can I find more help on FusionDebug?

All areas of FusionDebug are covered in the FusionDebug User Guide.. If you just want an overview of what FusionDebug can do then we suggest taking time to watch (or participate in) our FusionDebug demo presentations. Additionally we also have a Feature Tour where you can read about FusionDebug functionality.

Do we offer support for FusionDebug?

Yes. We help customers with any questions that relate to installing our FusionDebug or FusionReactor products. This support service is provided free of charge. If you have any installation questions, please contact support.

We also offer:
Remote Support: We provide a remote support model which is designed to help customers get a quick resolution to a range of CF / web application related problems. We often use the results and reporting information from FusionReactor to assist us in isolating specific problems. Remote Support may be purchased in blocks of 4 hour units.
On-Site Support: With this support we are able to send you an ‘expert’ CF consultant directly to your company anywhere in the world. Typical engagements include application performance tuning & analysis, issue isolation, upgrade consulting and on-site analysis + fix.
For all inquiries, contact Support Services using our contact form.

What is the FusionDebug End User License Agreement?

The FusionDebug End User License Agreement (“EULA”) is available online for you to read.

Can I use FusionDebug with FusionReactor?

Yes, but you should disable Crash Protection within FusionReactor because VM deadlock can occur if FusionDebug attempts to perform operations on a thread currently suspended by Crash Protection. (If this occurs then you will need to restart your J2EE container.)

Does FusionDebug work with BlueDragon?

BlueDragon support is currently not available.

Do I have to develop with Eclipse to use FusionDebug?

FusionDebug integrates directly with Eclipse, including the Eclipse Base as well as instances of it that you may install with CFEclipse or FlexBuilder. Still, you don’t need to develop within these editors if you don’t want to. Once FusionDebug is set up you can develop in DWMX, HomeSite+, CF Studio or any other editor and just jump into Eclipse when you want to actually debug a page.

What Does 'Step Into' Mean?

Step into, when used on a line that would go into a new file such as a CFC method, CFINCLUDE, or custom tag, will open that new file and show the first line of CFML code in that file.

What Does the User See While a Page Is Being Debugged?

When a browser requests a page that’s being debugged and has stopped at a breakpoint, it will appear to be hung until the code sends output.

Why does Eclipse on Windows not restart after I have switched the workspace?

The FusionDebug Eclipse Plugin installs it own launcher to enable starting Eclipse in the FusionDebug perspective. If you have used it to start Eclipse and then use the File->Switch Workspace function it does not restart automatically. Please manually restart Eclipse in this case.

Can I read your EULA?

Of course! You can do so by clicking this hyperlink or if you would like to go there manually:]

Flex Builder

Does FusionDebug work with FlexBuilder?

Yes. FusionDebug integrates seamlessly into FlexBuilder.

How do I install FusionDebug into FlexBuilder?

The install instructions for installing into FlexBuilder are exactly the same as those for the Eclipse base. You can find the complete install instructions in the User Guide

Can I use FusionDebug to debug the Flex code too?

FlexBuilder has an integrated debugger for Flex code. FusionDebug adds debug support for ColdFusion based Flex applications, so with both installed can debug both your Flex and ColdFusion code simultaneously! FlexBuilder and FusionDebug will switch automatically as control flows between Flex and ColdFusion.

You can also debug CFCs as called from Flex, even if you do not have FlexBuilder.

Pricing and availability information

How much does FusionDebug cost?

For pricing, please see the buy page.

Is FusionDebug priced per seat?

Yes. You will need one license for each installation of FusionDebug you have.

What is subscription pricing?

FusionDebug is licensed on an annual subscription basis – which runs for 12 months. After the 12 month period, the annual subscription needs to be renewed. If it is not renewed, then FusionDebug will no longer work.

FusionDebug no longer works - what happened?

If FusionDebug has stopped working, then it is most likely that the subscription has expired – you can extend the FusionDebug subscription by purchasing a new license online

How will my annual subscription be renewed?

If you purchased online via credit card, your annual subscription will be renewed automatically, providing that your credit card details are still correct. If you purchased from us directly, then we will send you a reminder to renew your subscription, you may then either renew online, or we can invoice you directly. If you require a Purchase Order – please contact sales.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

FusionDebug maintenance entitles you to free product upgrades and upgrades over a one or two-year period, for less than the cost of a single upgrade.

How do I activate my FusionDebug license?

Go to the license activation page and follow the instructions listed there.