Activate your version of FusionDebug now!

To get your Activation Key please enter your Activation Input String and click the submit button.

Activation Input String:

I don’t have an Activation Input String

Oh that’s a shame. Lets fix that shall we?! Follow the steps and you’ll have one in no time:

  • Open Eclipse or Flex Builder.
  • Open the Window menu and select the Preferences option. The preferences dialog will appear.
  • On the left hand side of the dialog you will see an item named FusionDebug. Open it by clicking the little plus icon.

Click on the License option which appears under FusionDebug. The license page will appear on the right hand side of the dialog.

  • Click on the ‘Manual Activation’ link.
  • Follow the instructions in the new window.

Please do not restart Eclipse during this process or your activation will fail and you will need to get another Activation Input String.