[FDS-117] Right-click menu items lost when using Adobe Coldfusion Builder CFML editor


If Adobe ColdFusion Builder and FusionDebug are installed on the same Eclipse environment, the FusionDebug entries in the right-click menu of the CFML editor may be lost.


To fix the problem simply replace the plugin.xml file found in the FusionDebug plugin installation folder, currently found here:


or for a ColdFusion Builder installation, the default location is here:


with the plugin.xml file found attached.

Eclipse will now need to be started with the -clean option because it caches some plugin configurations. On the command line change directory to your Eclipse install and run:

eclipse -clean

The right-click menu items should now be visible.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FDS-117
Components: Configuration
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 25/08/2009 13:06:58
Affects Version: 3.0
Fixed Version: 3.0
Related Issues: None