[FDS-120] Breakpoints not removed and duplicate breakpoints appear


This occurs when the Adobe ColdFusion Builder is installed in the same IDE as FusionDebug. To integrate with CFBuilder FusionDebug will convert Adobe’s breakpoints to FD ones, but in order for the two plugins to co-exist we only do this when FD is connected. Any Adobe breakpoints that are in Eclipse before connecting will be converted to FD breakpoints, but cannot be converted back on disconnect, therefore breakpoint toggling does not work as expected.

One way to ensure that toggling always works is by exclusively using FusionDebug methods of toggling a breakpoint, i.e. the “Toggle Line Breakpoint” entries in the ruler context menu and the editor context menu. Note, when connected any methods of breakpoint toggling can be used.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FDS-120
Components: Breakpoints
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 30/11/2009 10:59:04
Affects Version: 3.0.1
Fixed Version: No Fix Available
Related Issues: None