[FDS-83] ColdFusion or FusionDebug slows down when debugging


If stepping is very slow when you are debugging try closing the Variables in the variable view, and the expressions in the expressions view. Also try just selecting the breakpoints and stepping while only the breakpoints are visible. FusionDebug must fetch all of the variables and expressions that you have open every time you step and this can slow things down.

If things are going slow when you step into certain tags, i.e. they go slow when you step into a <CFDUMP>, then try using STEP OVER instead of STEP INTO. Some of the ColdFusion tags are implemented in ColdFusion code and a lot of Java. If you step into them instead of stepping over them, we will detect it, but you must wait for the debugger to step through all of this code until it returns to the next piece of real (your) CF code.

Other reasons why this is occurring could be;

1. Memory is very tight.

The debugger requires some memory (not much), but if memory was particularly tight, it may move Java into a exhausted memory condition. If this is the case Java can slow down by 100’s to even 1000’s of times. To check this, try increasing the -Xmx setting in your jvm.config. eg, if the settings is -Xmx512m then try -Xmx768m

2. Garbage collection is taking a very time

When the debugger is active garbage collection is slowed down, so that objects are available so that you can examine them. This could cause the server to go slow periodically for a few seconds. Does your page create use a lot of memory?

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FDS-83
Components: Breakpoints
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 01/06/2007 11:29:16
Affects Version: 1.0
Fixed Version: 1.0
Server: ColdFusion 8, ColdFusion 6, ColdFusion 7
Related Issues: None