[FDS-97] Set Variable (CFSET) doesn’t set the value of the variable to what I’ve entered


Highlight the name of the variable that you what to set/change the value of within an editor and then select the right-mouse click menu option “Set Variable”. In the dialog that opens enter a ColdFusion expression exactly as you would when performing a <CFSET> CFML tag. Note that a variable can only be set in a request that is currently stopped and you may have to use the scope of the variable to set the correct variable.

You can enter almost any ColdFusion expression as the value of a Set Variable (CFSET).

FusionDebug evaluates the expression like ColdFusion, which means that strings must be wrapped in double (“”) or single quotes(”) otherwise they will be interpreted as variable names.

<cfset myvar = "my string">
<cfset myvar = mystring>

Some examples of what you can enter in the dialog:

“my string” sets the value of the highlighted variable to the String “my string”
mystring sets the value of the highlighted variable to the value of the variable mystring (which must exist!)
mycfc.func1(123) sets the value of the highlighted variable to the result of calling mycfc.func1(123)

You can also create variables by using a scratch pad file where you enter the names of variables you want to create.

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Issue Number: FDS-97
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Added: 18/06/2007 18:01:27
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