Configure Servers for Debugging with FusionDebug on Railo

Railo Express

If you would like to use FusionDebug to debug a Railo Express server the start.bat file located in the server root directory, example C:/Railo3.1.1/start.bat, will need to be modified to enable FusionDebug to connect.

The quickest way to get started with FusionDebug for Railo is to download one of our replacement start.bat files available below.

Replacement Railo Express start scripts

Mac OSX start (Right click > Save as)
Linux start (Right click > Save as)

A Quickstart Guide: FusionDebug for Railo can be found in Technote FDS-103.

The replacement scripts instruct Java to start listening for FusionDebug on port 8000. If your port 8000 is already in use, you can change this value by editing the startup script.

For the new configuration to be applied the Railo server needs to be restarted.

Manually configure servers

If you prefer to edit the startup script yourself, then we recommend that you follow the configuration guide, technote FDS-118 “OnDemand Seminar: FusionDebug Introduction (with Railo)” containing interactive videos on how to get started with FusionDebug on Railo.

If you wish to run FusionDebug against Railo on the Caucho Resin platform, we have put together a technote on how to configure Resin to allow debugging connection. FDS-104 “Configure FusionDebug for Railo on Resin.”