[FDS-110] Saving out Breakpoints, and Expressions as a set.



Though you cannot save out both breakpoints and expressions together as a set, you can achieve this function by using some existing Eclipse features and some saved text management.

Firstly you can use the Eclipse ‘working sets’ functionality to have projects open in specific groups, this persists information and preferences pertaining to these ‘sets’. But to store your specific breakpoints and expressions you should back them up manually.

Export/Import Breakpoints

You can select the Breakpoint View in the FusionDebug perspective and right click with the mouse to access the Breakpoint View context menu. With this context menu you should see the option to ‘Export Breakpoints’, by selecting this you can access a export screen/wizard allowing you to save out selected breakpoints to a given location and file. Through use of this feature and good naming conventions you can store project specific breakpoints for future import and use. We would suggest storing these either with your project so they are easily managed and found, or by having a set location and naming structure to help in finding.

Within the Breakpoint View context menu you will also find the ‘Import Breakpoints’ option. This option will ask for a valid exported breakpoint file to import from.

Note: You can only import breakpoints for open projects you have in your workspace, at the time of import. As the mappings to existing projects are checked at this stage by Eclipse.

Storing Expressions

Though Eclipse has no store feature for expressions, these are simply text fields, as such you can back these up in a simple text file. If the text file is present in Eclipse you can even drag and drop the expressions from the text file to the Watch Expression View (in 3.4 Ganymede and above). For ease we would suggest storing the expressions text file as part of the project you want to use them with. By doing so, when this project is open you can simply open this text file in Eclipse and drag/copy the expressions to the Expressions VIew, or add them via the editor context menu for FusionDebug.

Note:Saving out your breakpoints and expressions to watch as a set is not possible, these are suggestions on getting this functionality with the Eclipse support that exists.

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