[FDS-96] FusionDebug 2.0.1 Release Notes and Resolved Issues


FusionDebug Rev. 2.0.1


Status: May 25th, 2007


FusionDebug Rev. 2.0.1

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FusionDebug client has been tested using Eclipse Platform 3.1 and 3.2 on Microsoft Windows XP SP2
and on GNU/Linux Fedora Core 5 (kernel 2.6.17s-smp) under Gnome. FusionDebug is a pure Java
application with no native dependencies, and so runs on all OS platforms for which Eclipse is

We recommend installing the Eclipse SDK package. This can be obtained from:


We recommend also installing the CFEclipse package, which provides a capable environment for
working with CF scripts within Eclipse. This can be obtained from:



Many of these issues can be resolved by disconnecting FusionDebug (by selecting the blue
“FusionDebug” line in the Debug view, and clicking the red Disconnect icon).

JDWP Connections Prevent JRUN Container Restart

When the JDWP connection begins a variable fetch or evaluation, this can in some cases cause
the JDWP debug agent to prevent JRun’s service controller (used by Windows Services) from
restarting the container. In this case, disconnecting FusionDebug usually solves the issue.

Some Numerical / Complex CF Types Decode to Java Types, Not CF Types

We’re working hard on being able to decode all CF complex types. Most types are already
implemented – structs, arrays, XML objects, CFCs, Functions etc. In some cases, you might see
an undecoded type in the Variables and Expressions view (“… instance of …”) or a plain
string representation of the object.

Step Over sometimes requires > 1 keypress to advance the cursor.

This is because some lines of CF code perform multiple actions and require you to press
step for each action that they perform.

Step Into CFC’s is sometimes requires > 1 keypress to step into the CFC.

With the current instruction pointer located on the CFINVOKE tag, keep clicking Step Into until
the CFC is loaded. The parameters and other initialization actions are performed before the CFC
is called. You may have to push step into until this initialization is complete.

*Step Requests sometimes jump around to lines of code that are not sensible. *

This is a limitation of how CF processes and optimizes pages at compile time.

Some CFM/CFC files are listed multiple times with different line numbers in the stack although they are only called once

This is the result of compile time optimization of the CF code by the compiler. You can
workaround this issue by recompiling the affected page while FusionDebug is attached.
FusionDebug will ask the compiler to not optimize the code in this way and produce files that
are friendly to debugging. You must have the Compile CF pages in debug friendly mode checked
on in the launch configuration for this feature to work.

Sometimes variables or scopes are not shown/empty (ObjectCollected exception)

This is usually due to the way Java handles memory allocations for debuggers. Performing a
step usually corrects this.

Calling CF functions which are reentrant to the currently halted thread may cause the VM to hang

You cannot set/clear breakpoints with CTRL-SHIFT-B when in the CFEclipse perspective

CFEclipse does not support the CTRL-SHIFT-B keystroke when in the CFEclipse perspective. You
can toggle the breakpoint by right mouse clicking on the line you wish to set the breakpoint
on and using the Toggle Line Breakpoint menu item.

*Sometimes breakpoints don’t fire. *

In the Debug configuration, make sure the Target System Type is set correctly: checked for
Windows, unchecked for Unix.

*Breakpoints set on a blank lines may not always fire. *

Since FD 2.0.1 breakpoints can be set on blank lines. FD cannot always get breakpoints to
fire on blank lines because they are sometimes optimized away by the CF compiler.

Breakpoints on <cfreturn> statements should now fire (from FD 2.0.1)

Eclipse Outputs Text To The Console

If you start Eclipse Workbench from a Unix terminal session, you may see occasional
debugging output to the system STDOUT (System.out) and STDERR (System.err) streams.

Wrong File Selected

When a breakpoint or step event fires, FusionDebug does its best to find the source file. If the
same file exists multiple times in different projects, the wrong one may be selected
Use the source code lookup tab on the Launch Control to correct the source code lookups.

While debugging the page simply terminates

Check in the CF Administrator if you have Timeout Requests after ( seconds ) activated
When checked, requests that take longer than the specified time are terminated. This normally
prevents unusually long requests from occupying server resources and impairing the performance
of other requests. This feature will however also terminate pages that you are debugging if you
exceed the time limit. Deactivate this feature while debugging.

If your system is monitored by FusionReactor with crash protection activated, FusionReactor may
terminate the page if it exceeds the Request Timeout limit that has been configured. Please
deactivate crash protection in FusionReactor.


Key Issue Type Component/s Summary
FD373 Improvement All Performance optimizations
FD299 Bug Breakpoints Breakpoints do not fire on simple <cfreturn somevar> statements. Heavily affects frameworks…
FD349 Bug Breakpoints Breakpoints don’t fire after connecting session.
FD356 Bug Breakpoints Breakpoints do not fire if the Save Class files option is off and the cfclasses folder is empty
FD389 Bug Breakpoints NPE from Stack Assembler when BP is placed on a line prior to function declaration.
FD308 Bug Breakpoints If multiple breakpoints have been added on the same line then the FusionDebug breakpoint stops working.
FD331 New Feature Breakpoints Breakpoints should fire when set on blank lines or lines with no CFML
FD375 Bug Breakpoints Error in Eclipse when setting breakpoints.
FD345 Bug Breakpoints Renaming a file does not unset JDI breakpoints (was: Breakpoint fires but does’t appear in FusionDebug)
FD382 Bug Breakpoints You cannot set a breakpoint on the first line of a file if the first line isn’t code.
FD408 Bug Breakpoints Breakpoints are not remove from JDI when they are removed in the editor by deleting the lines the breakpoint is on
FD344 Bug Breakpoints Confusing breakpoint behaviour when code moves breakpoint.
FD353 Bug Breakpoints Exceptions in workspace log when pasting new content into a file with a breakpoint in it.
FD298 Bug Breakpoints Breakpoint are not firing in a Mach-II application in the Listeners
FD372 Bug CF Abstraction

Step into on a CFSWTICH statement steps to the wrong line at the end of the <CFDEFAULTCASE>
FD386 Bug Config Tool FD Server Configuration Wizard version should be 2.0.1
FD421 Bug Eclipse Error in Eclipse when disconnecting a debugging session
FD291 Improvement Eclipse Add “Patent Pending” to the splash image and Preference Windows
FD302 Improvement Install Bring FD installers up to CFEclipse version (
FD306 Bug Install Launching FD failed because javaw.exe could not be found
FD313 Improvement Install FD2.0.1 PluginInstaller should be able to update FD2.0.0 Standalone automatically
FD320 Bug Src Code Lookup Case where you can’t modify the default project mapping.
FD316 Bug Stack Frames Wrong file is opened on breakpoint
FD329 Bug Stepping An error in a CF page causes the debugger to hang while doing step intos
FD325 Bug Stepping When stepping into a MGU function I get a line:-1 shown in the stack
FD410 Bug Stepping Non-Linear (Block Skip) Stepping in CF8 (Unmasked JDI bug)
FD330 Bug Stepping Stepping through a high number of factors causes the page to hang
FD361 Bug Stepping Step Over on a file with a large number of cfif statements (factors) skip most of the code
FD362 Bug Stepping Stepping into a large number of factors can skip code
FD431 Bug Stepping Stepped into the cfDump tag while stepping through a page.
FD433 Bug Stepping Step Return does not return to the caller when a page contains _factors but to the next factor block

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FDS-96
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 18/06/2007 16:38:48
Affects Version: 2.0.1
Fixed Version:
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